This lockdown period could be the best opportunity we'll ever have to use our gardens.

Need a change and looking for inspirational garden ideas?

Flora Garden Design can help.

Flora Garden Design by Post service will allow us to design a garden you have always wanted without us having to visit.

For more details please email

or phone  07342 954693

Email or Post

Need a New garden?

Here at Flora Garden Design, we provide a professional garden design service for homes in Surrey. Our aim is to create inspirational gardens which will suit your taste and lifestyle.

We offer a full range of garden design services, including consultations, garden surveys, design development, through to construction, planting and aftercare maintenance.

We have been designing gardens of all shapes and sizes for well over twenty years and have gained the experience and knowledge to help you create a garden with confidence and flair.  


A uniquely designed garden will undoubtedly add value to your home.


Enjoy your garden.

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