• Andrew@FloraGardenDesign

Spring in strange times

While walking for my one bit of exercise today, I made a conscious effort to look up! Looking up at the tree canopy in my local nature reserve and seeing new life emerging from the bare tree skeletons. Nature does not stop for a virus. I stopped and stared at the new leaves emerging from the bud.

It was so quiet.

The bird song seemed louder today, or was it that I made a conscious effort to listen. Perhaps it was the latter.

The hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) is just starting to bloom and a clear sign that spring is finally here. The light green leaves of this hedgerow giant are often the first to appear, with a riotous explosion of white/pink blossom in April and May.

The scent of this blossom is intoxicating, luring wildlife and humans alike to take a deep breath in and enjoy it's smell.

This virus will go. I for one, will remember my 'one walk a day' walk and the month I stopped and stared at nature on my doorstep.